Safeguarding Training Programme

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility (Keeping children safe in education September 2016).  Gooseberry CPD is an online, safeguarding training programme.  It has been developed for all staff, including support and site staff associated with a school, in response to the statutory requirements, which have been updated for September 2016.

Watch a demo here.

Module 1:
Focuses on Part 1 of the ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’

This is an interactive learning module developed for all school staff. It supports colleagues in identifying the key information from Part 1 of the guidelines and assists in communicating the essential information from Part 1. There are three main activities in this learning module, which include a Rapid Fire Quiz to establish prior knowledge, key training on Part 1 of the 2016 guidance and an evaluation and reflection section.

Key CPD Features:

  • Offers an engaging, interactive and organised approach to a challenging topic.
  • Scenario based learning offering opportunities to apply learning from training materials (enabling participants to respond using learning from content of training, knowledge of their individual context and from experiences that they have had)
  • Participants are made part of their own learning experience
  • E-Certification or Printable Certification available on completion of each training module
  • Automatic notification sent to Lead Teacher or DSL when participant has completed their training module – collated for easy reference in tracker grid (avoids having to chase staff to complete training)
  • Access for all registered staff for 12 months to enable review and reflection of their CPD
  • Opportunities for evaluation and reflection: Planned evaluation and review points at the end of each module.
  • Robust Diagnostic Tool
  • CPD Tracking: Includes tracking tool
  • Development Plan/Target Setting