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Checklist for 10-12 years

Checklist for 10-12 years MAKE sure you’ve set some tech boundaries before they get their first mobile or games console – once they have it in their hands, it can be more difficult to change the way they use it REMIND your child to keep phones and other devices well hidden when they’re out and […]

Checklist for 6-9 year olds

Checklist for 6-9 year olds CREATE a user account for your child on the family computer with appropriate settings and make the most of Parental Controls and tools like Google SafeSearch AGREE a list of websites they’re allowed to visit and the kind of personal information they shouldn’t reveal about themselves online (like the name […]

Under 5’s checklist

Under 5’s checklist START setting some boundaries now – it’s never too early to do things like set limits for the amount of time they can spend on the computer KEEP devices like your mobile out of reach and make sure you have passwords/PINs set upon them for the times you might lend them to […]

Essential onine check list

Essential onine check list THINK about how you guide your family in the real world and do the same in the digital world – don’t be afraid to set boundaries and rules for your child from a young age HAVE a go at some of the technologies your son or daughter enjoys – play on […]