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Sexting the new foreplay for teens

Sexting is the new first base. According to a study published in the journal Paediatrics, sexting is now the first step when it comes to sexual behavior. “Although additional research is needed, current data indicates that sexting may precede sexual intercourse in the instance and cement the notion that sexting behavior is a viable indicator or […]

You shouldn’t wait for a Facebook prompt to check your privacy

Back in May, Facebook announced that it would eventually roll out a new privacy checkup tool to all its users in an attempt to make sure everyone is giving privacy some much-needed thought. The privacy checkup consists of three steps: The first step focuses on the way you share: You may have noticed an audience […]

Checklist for 13 years +

Checklist for 13 years + DON’T think it’s too late to reinforce boundaries or teach your child anything about technology – they might think they have the know-how but they still need your wisdom and guidance TALK to them about how they might be exploring issues related to their health, wellbeing and body image online […]

Checklist for 10-12 years

Checklist for 10-12 years MAKE sure you’ve set some tech boundaries before they get their first mobile or games console – once they have it in their hands, it can be more difficult to change the way they use it REMIND your child to keep phones and other devices well hidden when they’re out and […]