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Gooseberry Planet Tips of the Week

Please feel free to share the ‘Gooseberry Planet Tips of the Week’ on your school website and in your weekly student, staff and parent bulletins. We will provide you with weekly top tips for your students, staff and parents that promote positive online behaviours and that reflect current issues. Gooseberry Planet Student Tip of the […]

Gooseberry Planet Survey

As part of our ongoing efforts to identify ways of developing and improving the Gooseberry Planet experience for students and teachers, we are working in collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University. We are working with them to research the motivational effects of game-based learning in the classroom. If you use or have used Gooseberry Planet we invite you […]

Responsibilities of the Educational Institution

I am being ask all the time whose job is it to keep children safe online? Where do the responsibilities begin and end for the educational institution? There is such a big debate with these questions and the truth is it is all our responsibility to protect children both off and online. To be effective […]

Online Safety: A Global Issue and a Challenge

I don’t know if you have noticed, but there seems to be so much on the news now about how individuals are being targeted via online scams or games that we need to watch out for.  It really does make me wonder how Ofsted and the DfE can expect teachers to stay on top of […]