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Are you addicted?

The Internet – Are you addicted? The Internet has become a massive part of our day-to-day lives, especially for the younger generations. The Internet is constantly at our fingertips, whether it’s from our phones, tablets, computers and even our watches, it is everywhere! With the Internet being accessible from pretty much anywhere this is where […]

Teach Your Child To Have Good ‘nettiquite’

Internet Trolls In recent years the art of ‘Trolling’ has come around due to the easiness of the internet, and with it widely accessible to most people it is growing. Young people are more at risk of this type of abuse as they are more active online and on social media, also they are more […]

Parents must have frequent and open conversations with their children about their online behaviour

Online safety champion and founder of Gooseberry Planet calls for greater communication When it comes to online activity, parents are particularly concerned about their children unknowingly interacting with predators, closely followed by sharing inappropriate information or images with others – the two founding reasons why Hampshire mum Stella James, the driving force behind Gooseberry Planet, set about […]