Bullying! Who has the Responsibility?

Bullying in its many forms, is a Safeguarding Issue and it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children.  Dealing with an incident of bullying (including bullying online) will often involve a co-ordinated and collaborative approach.  To be effective it should involve the child, parents, carers, the school and in some cases other agencies.

bullyingEveryone has a role to play in ensuring the safety and welfare of children and this includes the safe and responsible use of digital technology.

If a bullying (including online bullying) problem arises either inside or outside of school hours, the school can often be a parents first port of call when seeking help.  Due to the complex nature of bullying (including online bullying) incidents, schools will often need to take time to reach a fair and measured resolution.  This can be frustrating but it essential to ensure that all bullying incidents are dealt with fairly and with the appropriate sanction.

Parents who are faced with their child being bullied frequently seek the support of the school, and find this a more straightforward way to deal with the problem, as by law, schools are required to have policies, procedures and sanctions in place to help support a child who is being bullied.  Schools also have legal power to ensure that their students behave outside of school premises.

But should schools hold all of the responsibility when it comes to preventing and dealing with bullying?

Where does a school’s responsibility stop and a parent’s begin?

It is important to remember, as parents you have a part to play too.  Knowing how to prevent bullying, in particular bullying online will help protect your child enabling them to be safer online.

As Half Term approaches, the number of incidents of bullying will increase and schools will be called upon to help deal with them when the new term begins.

In support of Anti Bullying week 14th-18th November 2016, as parents we ask that you remain vigilant and support the positive use of digital technology with your child.  Your proactive approach will help reduce the risk of online bullying and ensure the safeguarding of all children online.

Read our Anti Bullying Help Sheet to find out more about what you can do to help prevent and respond to online bullying and how to support your child if they are being bullied.

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