Gooseberry Guru

We all have a role to play in making the internet a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!

The Gooseberry Guru Mission

Like us, our Gooseberry Gurus are enthusiastic and passionate about keeping children, parents and themselves, safe online.  Gooseberry Gurus are always one step ahead with the latest online updates, alerts and tips that are essential for keeping everyone safe online.  Gooseberry Gurus have made it their mission to share safe online behaviours and good practice with everyone in their whole school community.

Who are Gooseberry Gurus?

Gooseberry Gurus can be any member of staff who has the capacity to share information with children, staff, parents or partner schools.  They can be a member of teaching staff, an appropriate support colleague or a colleague who is directly involved in delivering Safeguarding in your school.

Benefits to your school of becoming a Gooseberry Guru

  • Access to expert advice and support to help you prevent, plan for and respond to the latest online threats
  • Be secure in the knowledge that you can make a real difference in keeping everyone safe online.  Help share the ‘Keep Safe Online’ message.
  • Exclusive access to up to date resources and information that you can use and personalise for use with your whole school community
  • Opportunities to engage parents including, those who may be hard to reach or vulnerable
  • Use resources and feedback as part evidence for the inspection of safeguarding

For more information please contact us on 01865 366 468 or email