Gooseberry Parent

Gooseberry Parent allows the parent to see how their child is reacting within the game. The resource area is full of tips and advice for the carer to learn and to be a part of their child’s learning journey. It also gives hints and tips about different aspects of internet safety.

We know what a challenge it is to get parents involved with their child’s online safety. We have created a link between the apps where the parent will be able to view how their child is responding to the scenarios. It will give the carer an indication of the area in which a conversation needs to be created. New for 2017 is an email, which will be sent to the Parent every time their child reaches a milestone in the game. The email will convey exactly how their child responded and will include tips and advice on what they can do to help keep their child safe online.

Gooseberry Parent is free of charge if your school is subscribed to Gooseberry School.

Schools are doing very little when it comes to online safety, some are doing nothing.  

Watch a demo here.