Gooseberry Student

Gooseberry Student is a unique game software. The child plays as a character called Taff, who will collect stars, family members and items, and can compete against his classmates. Taff will also face real life scenarios, and learn through the consequences of his own reactions. Learning this way will teach the student how to respond in real life and the game gives the confidence and knowledge to do this. For example, in Gooseberry Town, a photographer approaches the character and tells him how handsome he is and that he could be a model. He would like to meet Taff and take some pictures. You and I know what might happen, but the game will take the child through that scenario. A workbook sits alongside the game and creates a conversation with the teachers and classmates. The game has 5 levels which are adapted to different age groups from 5-13 years old.

We offer a complete solution for the whole school community, ensuring that every child is taught for a minimum of 12 weeks (1 hour per week) in each and every year of their primary school education!

Watch a demo here.