Gooseberry Teacher

Does your school and its’ teachers have the knowledge and resource to teach online safety in an effective way?

Gooseberry Teacher records how each child reacts to the scenarios and will monitor the class whilst playing. The software will show if a student is not responding in the correct manner and it will also allow the Teacher to see exactly how that student is scoring. There is a comprehensive resource area with e-safety lesson plans, e-safety workbooks, presentations, posters and much more.

We offer a complete solution for the whole school community, ensuring that every child is taught for a minimum of 12 weeks (1 hour per week) in each and every year of their primary school education!

The resource area is full of ready to print lesson plans and workbooks. It will help your teachers save precious time when designing online safety lessons. In total there are over 170 documents which support the Gooseberry Student. We have even put in documents that can be sent home to parents to help them understand Gooseberry Planet. It covers a large area of online safety:


  • Clickjacking & Grooming
  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Emailing & Live Gaming
  • Web Cams & Live Streaming
  • Social Networking
  • People Online
  • Radicalisation
  • Meeting Up & Chat Rooms
  • Online Bullying
  • In-App Purchases