Gooseberry Alert 17 – Tips of the Week

Welcome to your weekly ‘Gooseberry Alert’.  Please feel free to share the ‘Gooseberry Planet Tips of the Week’.  Helping to keep you and your whole school community Safe Online.

Gooseberry Student ‘Thoughts’ of the week

Things that happen in the real world can be quickly shared online, both in the news and by people you know. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what to believe.  If you have seen or read something online and you feel worried, angry, confused or upset by it, always speak to someone you trust who can talk with you about it.  Using reliable and trusted sources online and in the real world, can help you to check the facts for yourself.  This can help you with difficult real life situations too.  Please share with your students.

Gooseberry Teacher ‘Thoughts’ of the week

It can be a challenge for adults to understand what happens in the real and online world, even more so when you are tasked with helping and supporting children make sense of what is going on around them.  Social media can spread messages and information quickly and it can be difficult to know what is true, false and fake.  This might be particularly important after an upsetting local, national or global event.  To help your students understand and form educated opinions about what they read and see online, encourage them to think about where information comes from.  Using reliable and trusted sources and checking different places to verify information can help your students make decisions about true, false and fake information.  Please share with your staff.

Gooseberry Parent ‘Thoughts’ of the week

Social media plays a big part in sharing information quickly online.  It can be difficult to know what to believe.  If your child has seen something online or in the real world, take time to speak with them about it.  This might be particularly important after an upsetting local, national or global event.  Your child may read information, watch videos online and hear comments that might need explaining.  Using a variety of reliable and trusted sources to check information can help you to form an opinion and explain difficult information.  This can help reduce the risk of false and fake news and encourage your child to check facts for themselves.  Please share with Parents.

What is alerting you this week?

Just like the World Wide Web, Gooseberry Planet is an online community.  We aim to bring you the latest information, sharing support and tips to help reduce risks and keep you and your whole school community safer online.

This week we invite you to send us your alerts about the apps, websites or issues online that you are concerning you, your students and their parents/carers.

Let us find what you need to know and share our tips with you.  Helping to keep everyone safer online.

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Gooseberry Student

Town Level has been released and is now live (desktop access only).  Android and IOS release for Town Level in the next month.  Other exciting things have been happening on Gooseberry Planet over the summer.  Playground, Street and Village are now supported by audio on IOS and Google Play.  City Level, coming soon.

Gooseberry Parent

We are delighted to be able to introduce our new Parent Handouts22 resources that inform parents about what they need to know and how they can reduce the risks for themselves and their children, when choosing and using popular apps.  Access these resources through Gooseberry Parent and Gooseberry Guru.

Gooseberry Guru

Learn how to secure online social media accounts with our new ‘How To’ presentations on Snapchat and Instagram.  Access these resources and more through the Gooseberry Guru portal.

Want to know more?  Visit us as

Online Safety with Gooseberry Planet Apps

Gooseberry Planet is excited to announce the launch of 3 new apps purely for the schools market, teaching online safety in a completely unique way. The launch of the three new apps, Gooseberry Student, Gooseberry Parent and Gooseberry Teacher marks the beginning of a new journey into the education industry, working to educate as many students, teachers and parents as possible about how to be safe online.

We are working hard to create a network of schools, institutions, parents and students that are all working together to make the online world a safer place. The ever growing virtual world can be a scary place and we feel that this is something that is extremely important to learn about considering how young children are when they start using online resources, Gooseberry Planet’s new apps are aimed at the PSHE market which will change the standard tedious lessons into a fun and exciting way of learning through game-based learning, whilst at the same time educating the teachers and parents and making them able to monitor their children.

The launch of these new apps comes at an exciting time for Gooseberry planet as we have just moved into our first office, Gooseberry Towers. This will enable us to expand and grow, in order to get the word of Gooseberry Planet out and start educating our children about online safety.

We are also now proud members of the UKCCIS (UK Council for Child Internet Safety) which are a collective group of over 200 organisations drawn from across government, industry, law, academia and charity sectors that work in partnership to help keep children safe online. The council was founded in 2010 and has since had a lot of excellent achievements, for example the implementing of an unavoidable choice for home broadband customers about whether to turn on parental control filters. We feel that this council is extremely important and we are delighted to be a part of it.