Mobile And Internet Child Safety: They Are One In The Same

If you think that your child is absolutely safe on the Internet at all times, you are probably fooling yourself. This is particularly true if you have not taken the time to have a conversation with your child about the potential dangers of the Internet. It is important to consider both mobile and Internet child safety these days.

Why Mobile Matters Just As Much

Pew Research conducted a poll asking teens what kind of phone they have. They found that 37% of teens ages 12 to 17 indicate that they own a smartphone. This means that almost half of teens can chat, meet people, buy things, and get involved in other situations online that could be potentially dangerous to them.

Setting Limits

As the parent, you are responsible to set limits for your child when it comes to their online activity. You should decide if you will allow them to use social media sites, chat rooms, and eCommerce sites. Make sure that your teens clearly know what their expectations are when it comes to what they are allowed to do online.

If you do not want to limit the access that your child has, you should at least let them know what behavior they are expected to exhibit. This means not talking to strangers and not making unauthorized purchases.

Inform, Don’t Scare

Obviously the Internet is a tool that your children are going to be using eventually. It is important that they get started using the Internet with caution. They should always be informed about potential online dangers so that they can avoid them and remain secure.

Gooseberry Planet wins

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Teens And Smartphones: Reasons To Consider Waiting

You may be contemplating whether or not teens and smartphones are a good combination. Perhaps you have seen other teenagers that have smartphones and wonder if you too should get one for your teenager. There are at least a few reasons that you should perhaps hold off on that.

Texting And Driving Is A Serious Concern

Teenagers are notoriously bad drivers as it is. The teenagers who have to pay the highest rates on their insurance are sixteen year old males. The novelty of driving can only be compounded by the ability to text while driving. Though you may believe that your teenager would not take such a risk, an alarming number of them do. Oftentimes it is just a matter of the parents not realizing that their teenagers are doing this.

Sexually Explicit Behaviors

Nearly half of teenagers in possession of a smartphone admit to sexting. That is transmitting sexually suggestive or graphic materials over their phone. You have to ask yourself: is that a risk that you want to take? Those who have smartphones will always have the temptation to send such materials over their phones. While having a conversation with your teenager about not doing this is a good idea, it isn’t something that is guaranteed to be effective 100% of the time.

It Is Simply Expensive

You should consider the fact that smartphones, but this can be costly. Why add this expense to your budget when it is simply not necessary at the moment? If your teenager wants to pay for it him or herself, then that is one thing, but if they are expecting you to cough up the money each month, you should probably turn that one down.

The Bottom Line

It’s up to each and every parent to decide whether or not it’s the right time to get a child their first phone. There are many potential cons as well as pros to getting them started. Ultimately, there is no perfect age for all kids to get their first phone. We recommend considering factors including the pros, cons, and the age and maturity level of your child before making the decision.

Parents might consider doing a trial run by giving their child a “dumb” phone and/or a laptop for a few weeks to see how they fare in following mobile and Internet rules.