8 top tips for safe passwords

Online Safety & Passwords
Are you Ofsted ready?
As school in both the PSHE and Computing Curriculum we need to ensure that children understand the importance of passwords.  This is not just to protect their accounts but to protect their personal information.  If you are being inspected by Ofsted this might well come up, below are the areas that you need to be aware of when building it into your curriculum.
Computing curriculum: recognise common uses of information technology beyond school, use technology safely and respectfully, keeping personal information private, identify where to go for help about online content.
PSHE/RSE & Health curriculum: Respectful Relationships; Online and Media; Internet Safety and harms, rules for and ways of keeping physically and emotionally safe including responsible ICT use and online safety.
UKCCIS Framework:  Privacy and Security, Online Bullying, Online Reputation
8 top tips for strong passwords

  1. Don’t tell anyone your password
  2. Use facial recognition
  3. Use a password manager
  4. Use a least 3 words
  5. Use upper & lower case letters, numbers & symbols
  6. Use 2 step verification
  7. One strong password is better than lots of weak passwords
  8. Do not use personal information
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