9 Safety Tips While Playing Pokémon Go

Pokemon Go
Pokémon Go is a new game that unites traditional gaming with augmented reality and it’s adventurous. It requires players to go outside their homes to locate Pokémon characters and its unique approach has attracted mass users in just a few weeks.
Encouraging children to move around outside can be good for their health, however, as a parent we must consider our children’s safety while they play Pokémon Go and ensure that they know the following ten tips.

  1. Do not go outside without letting your parents know where you are going
  2. Be careful about surroundings while going out to track Pokémon across busy roads where you must not be distracted by your phone.
  3. Be extra cautious at Pokéstops as the dangers of abuse always exist
  4. Do not go out to look for Pokémon at night
  5. Check your privacy settings before and after installation of Pokémon Go since, it may have changed some of your privacy settings
  6. Check your phone’s battery.  Pokemon Go consumes battery very quickly.  Make sure you have enough charge left to make an urgent call.
  7. Your phone will be obvious for people to see and may make you a particular target
  8. Be careful while you meet new people on the way and keep in mind that Stranger is Danger
  9. Do not forget to tell someone in your family or a reliable friend if you are worried about anything you have experienced while playing the game

For more parental advise, please feel free to contact us.
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