Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt is a freelance journalist based in London. He was previously a reporter at Bloomberg News.


Fake News, Children in VR Strip Clubs, Protection From Trolls & More

Challenges facing social media companies tackling disinformation about Ukraine, child grooming and rape threats in the Metaverse, new measures to tackle anonymous online trolls in the Online Safety Bill and investigations into breaches of the Children’s Code.


Social Media Safety Updates, Age Verification for Porn Sites & More

Safety updates issued by TikTok and Twitch. Facebook Oversight Board calls for policy changes to protect private residential details. Calls for age verification for porn sites in the Online Safety Bill and new campaign to tackle online rip-offs.


Legislation Concerns, Common Scams, HMRC Warning & More

Campaign groups and MPs continue to raise concerns over the Online Safety Bill, Which? identifies the most common scams and Apple releases a Safety guide for users concerned about AirTags being used for stalking.


Encryption Debate, New Scam Guidance, AirTags Used for Stalking & More

The Home Office and ICO take different views on end to end encryption, NCSC issues new guidance on scam-proofing business communications with customers, Apple AirTags are implicated in stalking attempts and influencers repeatedly breach advertising rules on social media.


Rise In Child Abuse, Youtube Disinformation, Metaverse Risk & More

A record amount of child sexual abuse material is recorded in 2021, YouTube is accused of being a major source of disinformation, VR Metaverse is found to place youngsters at risk and Twitch reports on its response to hate raids on its platform.

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