Back to school

Back to School
New  uniform’s, shoes, pencil cases pens, September is a stressful month for all involved and it is easy to get caught up in it all. We here at Gooseberry Planet have a few things you may need to look out for.
Facebook Posts: We all know we love to share with our friends online, everyone does. But think before you post, that picture of your child on their first day of their new school in their fresh new uniform, check your privacy settings. Your child’s school logo on their jumper, shirt, or polo can give away a lot of information about your child. Make sure you only share your posts with friends and you don’t know who could be accessing this information otherwise. You would warn your children not to tell a stranger where they go to school, so why would you tell them yourself? If you are unsure on how to change your privacy settings on your social media, then check out our YouTube channel for instructional videos on how to.
Gadgets: It has recently been noted that children will be returning to school with gadgets worth £3.2bn, this is said to be twice as much as last year as the growing demand for them for homework and other school work. This can lead to a few worrying situations that you may want to be wary of when sending your child off to school. Bullying online using these gadgets is extremely important to look out for as the continued rise of these gadgets will also mean the increase of bullying involving them, Children are becoming more and more reliant on these gadgets meaning that they are more likely to be targets of this kind of bullying. Also there is bullying because of the gadgets to think about, the possibility also of these gadgets being stolen or lost, this should be considered when letting your children take their latest gadgets to school with them.
We here at Gooseberry Planet would like to wish all Students, Parents and Teachers good luck with the coming academic year, we hope it is filled with joy, fun and lots of learning!

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