Teach Primary Award

We are so pleased to say that we won an award for the best primary resource in wellbeing at the Teach Primary Awards The judges thoughts: This is an excellent resource which addresses contemporary issues in relation to online safety.  Suitability – the resources is very suitable for the intended age group.  Originality – the […]

Social Media Conversations

Gooseberry News Social Media. Conversation starters for using social media: Are you using any social media platforms? Why are you using them? – Is it to promote yourself or to communicate with friends? What’s appropriate to say and do online and what is not? Let’s talk about “likes” and what they mean to you? Do […]

Social media and mental health

Gooseberry Voice Social Media & Mental Health. It wasn’t that long ago that social media didn’t even exist – or am I showing my age?! I had an interesting conversation with a colleague yesterday around social media marketing.  We were discussing our own strategy moving forward and he commented that “I’m not sure why we […]