Online Wellbeing & Mental Health

Date(s) - 25/02/2020
4:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Gooseberry Planet is passionate about raising the profile of online safety within schools. Being online is integral to young people’s lives.  and, whilst the internet brings many advantages, it can also be detrimental to their wellbeing and mental health.  Schools are already stretched teaching children life skills and many feel ill-prepared to teach online issues.  The  new statutory requirements of the Relationships, Sex and Health Education brings even further challenges.  These are issues that benefit from an engaging and coordinated approach between schools and their parent and student communities. 

Parents and teachers have a combined responsibility to protect and prepare children for a life online. 

During the workshop, we could explore:

  • Self-Image and Identity.  Filters, perfect pictures and perfect lives!. How do we empower students to manage the pressure to compete when social media presents them with unrealistic perfection. Online Relationships – What does the term ‘friend’ mean  in the online world.  
  • How do we prepare young people to manage the pressure to appear popular and build their resilience.
  • Online reputation – Who cares?  There seems to be so much apathy around our digital footprints and not just amongst the digital natives.
  • Online Bullying – How do we combat this?  Is it a reflection of adult behaviour online that has led to the increase in online bullying by children?   Which Social Media platforms are particularly problematic?
  • Managing online information – Viruses, bots, cookies, inappropriate content, Copyright, fake profiles, Fake news all come in here. How do we get the message across?Health, Wellbeing and lifestyle – How much time should young people spend online and what should they be looking at?  Is self-management important and should we be teaching this in schools?
  • Privacy & Security – Let’s start with you before we even begin to teach your students.


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