Feed back from Year 10's

“Full of banter and FUN”
“Fun and realistic”
“The game is fun, exciting and informative”
“Sick game”
“We love collecting stars and prizes”
“I love collecting the stars and the people you collect is super fun”
“More interesting sitting down and talking”
“The games are entertaining”
“Far more interesting than people coming in and having talks with us”
“Fun game, nice cartoon look and feel and sends out a good message for children”
“The questions are good and topic related”
“It was educational whist also being fun and addictive”
“I like It, its fun”
“Easy and simple to use. It’s a good way for children to learn tips on how to stay safe online”
“Its like the new candy crush!”
“the game is great and taught me things I didn’t know”
“Good questions, good app and fun”
“Its fun and helps you with safety”

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