Gooseberry Alert 18 – “Staying Healthy Online”

Gooseberry Student ‘Thoughts’ of the week

Pictures often tell a story.  Look carefully at this picture. Think about and discuss the following questions.
What do you think is going on in this picture?
How are the toys feeling?
Why might they feel like this?
Describe in your own words what the artist might be trying to tell us.
Suggest one thing you could do to have a healthier life online.
Please share with your students.
Source: @MetDaanMagazine 29 September 2017

Gooseberry Teacher ‘Thoughts’ of the week

The online health and wellbeing of staff is just as important as that of the students.  Taking time to reflect how staff use technology outside of school for their work could help improve their online health and wellbeing.  Consider the following, are there guidelines to help support staff with their use of technology as a tool for their work and promote practical use of it outside of the classroom?  Are parents aware of how to make appropriate contact online with staff?  Are they aware of the expectations regarding appropriate reply and response time?  Is there a school etiquette for using technology to communicate, that helps promote health and wellbeing online?    Please share with your staff.

 Gooseberry Parent ‘Thoughts’ of the week

If you use email or an electronic messaging service to keep in contact with your child’s school please use them with care and consideration.  Most teachers work well beyond the end of the school day, so please think about the time chosen to make contact, consider how important the message is and whether there might be a better way to communicate.  Choosing the most effective way to communicate with your child’s school can often help reduce problems and resolve issues quickly.  Finding out the school policy on making contact using technology may help to decide on the best method and provide information on what to expect.  Please share with Parents.

 In the news… In the news… In the news… In the news… In the news…

Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield said Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube had “not done enough” to clarify their policies”.  She simplified the websites’ terms and conditions with privacy law firm Schillings.
 The slimmed-down guides are a response to the Commissioner’s Growing Up Digital report, which found that most children do not understand the agreements they sign when they create social media accounts.
She said, “much more needs to be done” by all of the social media giants to “make them more accountable and transparent”.  The commissioner had criticised Instagram for its 17-page, 5,000-word terms and conditions.
To view the one page summaries for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and YouTube please visit and Login to Gooseberry Parent or Gooseberry Guru.

 What is alerting you this week?

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Gooseberry Student

Town Level has been released and is now live (desktop access only).  Android and IOS release for Town Level in the next month.  Other exciting things have been happening on Gooseberry Planet over the summer.  Playground, Street and Village are now supported by audio on IOS and Google Play.  City Level, coming soon.

Gooseberry Parent

We are delighted to be able to introduce our new Parent Handouts22 resources that inform parents about what they need to know and how they can reduce the risks for themselves and their children, when choosing and using popular apps.  Access these resources through Gooseberry Parent and Gooseberry Guru.

Gooseberry Guru

Learn how to secure online social media accounts with our new ‘How To’ presentations on Snapchat and Instagram.  Access these resources and more through the Gooseberry Guru portal.
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