Gooseberry Safeguarding CPD is an Online Safeguarding training programme for all schools and colleges. It has been developed for all staff, including support and site staff associated with a school. Our CPD platform has been developed in response to the statutory requirements for safeguarding of children in education. This new documentation has been updated, commencing September 2018.

Part 1 of ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’. This is an interactive learning module developed for all school staff. It supports colleagues in identifying the key information from Part 1 of the guidelines and assists in communicating the essential information from Part 1. There are three main activities in this learning module, which include a Rapid-Fire Quiz to establish prior knowledge, key training on Part 1 of the 2018 guidance and an evaluation and reflection section.

13 bite sized modules –  expected CPD duration: 90 minutes
Assessment tool with results of each individual staff member
Learning support for 12 months

Gooseberry Prevent CPD

In partnership with a highly respected Prevent practitioner and subject matter expert, Gooseberry Planet have developed a comprehensive, accessible CPD that covers all aspects of the Prevent Duty that affect education. It is also the most up-to-date training available, incorporating the recently released CONTEST Strategy 2018 (which includes significant changes to Prevent) as well as the latest Home Office Channel referral figures which highlight the essential role that education plays in safeguarding young people through Prevent.

The CPD is divided into 7 sections, each one with a short assessment at the end to check understanding. Case studies involving different types of extremism (based on real-life Prevent referrals) are incorporated throughout the module to reinforce the learning and bring the CPD to life.

Introduction to the Prevent Duty
What is Prevent Extremism
Responsibilities for schools
British Values
Warning signs

3-month refresher
Assessment tool and individual results for each member of staff
Learning support for 12 months.