Gooseberry Planet Tips of the Week

Please feel free to share the ‘Gooseberry Planet Tips of the Week’ on your school website and in your weekly student, staff and parent bulletins. We will provide you with weekly top tips for your students, staff and parents that promote positive online behaviours and that reflect current issues.
Gooseberry Planet Student Tip of the Week
Having trouble resting at night? The internet is always awake but you are programmed to sleep. To help get a restful night’s sleep, set a night time mode on your device. Better still, turn off your device completely before you go to bed. The internet will still be there in the morning.
Gooseberry Planet Staff Tip of the Week
Digital climate Part 2: Further explore your student’s online habits. Find out how they use their devices, where they use them, how long they spend on them and when they turn them off. Collate the results and use them as a basis for a Maths activity and highlight potential barriers to learning.
Gooseberry Planet Parent Tip of the Week
Concerned that your child is online too much? Establish clear boundaries with your child to ensure that they spend a sensible amount of time online each day. Insist that devices are switched off and consider removing them at night time. Sleep and rest are non-negotiable.
Alert of the week – Online Gaming ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’
Our Gooseberry Guru team have been exploring an online game Five Nights at Freddy’s 4’. This horror game is the latest in a series, designed to scare players with the ‘jump factor’. The game is designed for ages 12+ but those with a sensitive nature should be aware. This is not a game suitable for young gamers. The game’s atmospheric setting is designed to terrify and uses sound, graphics and suspense to create unease and intensity. Set in darkness, players need to keep themselves alive by hiding from demonically possessed toys that stalk them from inside wardrobes and under the bed. This game should be played with caution as the psychological effects alone can be enough to disturb sleep and play on young minds.
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