Mobile and Internet Child Safety

The Internet, possibly, the most used form of communication (if not now, it soon will be!) has become a fun and exciting place to play and talk with friends and family. However, it has also become a place where bad things can and do happen.
With all of the digital dangers like identity theft, online predators and cyberbullying around the corner for Internet users, even adults have to leery about what we are doing. Nevertheless, when it comes to our children, we have to practice foresight, patience, and the knowledge of how and what technology your children use and have.
With that in mind, we have to approach a subject that every parent worries about, mobile and Internet child safety, the topic of the day when it comes to our children (specifically, if they are armed with technology i.e. smartphones or cell phones). Since most cell phones have Internet capabilities, the issues then becomes how keep tabs on your child’s behavior.  Shouldn’t we be teaching them about internet safety rather tan being helicopter parents.
Handing your child an iPhone or laptop can be a daunting task considering all of the digital risks out there, but it is our job as a parent to guide them through this mind field.

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