New Service – Parent Workshops

don't put your head in the handWhat do parents want?  Parents do not want statistics, they want practical advice on how help educate themselves.
You will already most probably know that as a company, we deliver online safety through game-based learning, but another area, that I am being asked to deliver more and more is Parent Workshop’s, which gives parents practical advice on how to change the following:

  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, etc.. Privacy settings,
  • Live gaming devices
  • Purchasing of apps
  • Managing apps
  • Managing their child’s internet usage.
  • Is your child addicted?
  • Being a parent and saying “no”
  • Which sites are they using and which sites your child needs to stay away from.
  • Live video streaming
  • Broadband settings

Being a parent in this modern world is tough enough, but at least, if you are going to spend your very tight budget on trying to help, spend it on advice that works, not on statistics.
To book your workshop call 01865 366468.

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