The recent Netflix series, Squid features gore and violence, as well as sex scenes, self-harm, suicide and bad language and is not suitable for young children. The survival drama features contestants who play children’s playground games with a deadly twist – if they don’t succeed, they are killed.

Unwritten Rules

Technology has changed all of our lives, but the law often lags behind. This month sees the coming into effect of the new Age-Appropriate Design Code to protect children’s data.

Piracy & Malware

Malware called Crackonosh, hidden inside pirated copies of games secretly generates crypto currency for hackers. According to, gamers all around the world have been affected.

Pause & Think

27 year old England bowler Ollie Robinson has apologised for racist and sexist tweets made by him when he was aged 18 and 19.

Self-Generated Imagery

The Internet Watch Foundation warns that 11-13 year old girls are increasingly at risk of grooming and coercion at the hands of online predators.

Passwords and Security

There has been an increase in both scams and cyber attacks on individuals, businesses and education establishments.


Although some adults and older teens enjoy Omegle to talk to others about a range of topics, the BBC discovered shocking content including both adults and children inappropriately exposing themselves.

Fake News

The theme for Safer Internet Day, on 9 February 2021 is “An internet we trust: exploring reliability in the online world”

TikTok Challenge

It is important to be aware that dares and challenges do appear on social media sites. Age limits are there for a reason and young children often don’t have the maturity or knowledge to recognise the risks that are inherent in some dares.

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