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Check Privacy Settings Frequently

I have so many conversations with parents about privacy settings.  There really is a lack of education when it comes to this topic.  I see so many Facebook profiles that are open for child and I am able to tell you where they live and other family members location.  We certainly wouldn’t let our children roam around the countryside on their own or tell anyone where we are going.  The scariest bit is that people check into places in the world to view.  Unfortunately, there are criminals out there just watching and waiting for someone to check in and off they go to their house and rob them.
A friend of mine had their bike stolen a few weeks ago, from their garage while on holiday. The strange thing is there were another 4 bikes in the same place, but they didn’t want them, only the valuable road bike.  I know this is something I keep going on about, but privacy settings are so important for all apps not just Facebook.  Think about what you are putting out there.  Be Savvy

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