Gooseberry Planet goes to Luxembourg

Stella James is very excited to have the opportunity to deliver at workshop at the ECIS Conference in November in Luxembourg.

This is a 3-day conference kicking off with a 1.5 day programme of Deep Dive sessions which you can select as part of your registration. Deep Dive sessions commence on Friday morning and conclude before lunchtime on Saturday morning.


The remainder of the conference will comprise mixed format workshops of 90-mins, 60-mins and short lightning talks. We have a fantastic line-up of keynote talks and exhibitors, plus plenty of networking opportunities in our social programme.




New member joins Team Gooseberry

We are very pleased to announce that Matt Lovegrove joins Team Gooseberry.

Matt will be working on the educational content of the platform, he will also support and help with the training of Gooseberry Guru’s and attending events.

As a practising primary school teacher, he found a real interest in online safety; there was something about it that really clicked with him and he felt that there’s little more important than helping young people stay safe. After completing a series of courses within this area, he started offering training to local schools and from there, in 2016 and launched his own training provider: Engage eSafety. In 2017 he was awarded an EPICT Licence in online safety and in 2018 he started to consult for other related organisations. Matt still teaches part-time, but spend a lot of other time training teachers and parents, talking at conferences, taking lessons in schools, creating resources, blogging and making videos.

“I’m delighted to be joining Gooseberry Planet as a educational consultant. What they do is so unique and inspiring and I can’t wait to get stuck in. I’ve been a keen fan of theirs since they were founded and know that they want the very best for the children, teachers and parents who use their services”. Matt Lovegrove

Anti Bullying resource in Partnership with Kidscape.


Anti Bullying resource in Partnership with Kidscape.

Very excited to be able to offer every Primary Schools in the UK a free resource.  There are 5 documents in total all covering and promoting Anti Bullying Week in November.  To access the resource just go to our website and sign up for Gooseberry Alerts.

36d. Top Tips for Parents & Carers – Anti Bullying with Kidscape
36c. Top Tips for Schools – Anti Bullying with Kidscape
36b. Friendship Friday Primary School Pack with Kidscape
36a. Friendship Friday Fund Raising Pack with Kidscape
36. Anti Bullying Week Written by Kidscape

Gooseberry Planet & Kidscape

Sitting in my kitchen a few years ago with my sister discussing how much her children were online and her challenges of trying to reduce the amount of time her boys were spending on a screen.  Trying to talk to our 2 boys about the risks involved were ignored and dismissed.  Like most parents we all have challenges with our children thinking we know nothing about the world of being.  My eldest son was off to secondary school and so desperately wanted a smartphone. He had a flip phone, which did the job perfectly, but not what he wanted to take to school.  My youngest was just working out iPads and laptop but still too young for phones.  Like most young adults, he didn’t think I knew anything about being online.  I did try the talks and then resorted to Google to try and find something that I thought realistically a 12-year-old would engage with.  I found a large amount of information for me as an adult and very little for him.  There were bits, but the level of content was far too young for him.

Gooseberry Planet was born out of my own frustration of not being able to find anything suitable for my sons and to help parents like my sister, who struggle with the digital divide.  I wanted to create something for the whole school community.  I don’t believe that it is solely the school’s responsibility, I feel that it is all our responsibility. I knew my children loved playing games so why not create an education tool using gamification.  It was quite literally a light bulb moment and the concept was born. The games that we have produced are conversation starters. The children love Taff, collecting stars and scoring points, but it also helps teachers create a conversation without rolling eyes and “here we go again, online safety”. Being a parent myself, I know how hard it is to stay up to date with the latest trends, this is what drives me.  I want parents and teachers to be armed with all the tools.  I have so many friends that struggle with the digital divide and it became my mission to help both teachers and parents as well as the students.

I wanted to make sure that schools have a complete toolkit and to cover the areas that are most difficult to talk about which include grooming, sexually exploited and bullying.

Bullying is very close to my heart. I was bullied badly for 3 years of my secondary school life, I never told my Mum and I kept it quiet.  For me it wasn’t too bad. At the end of the school day I went home and could shut the doors on my life at school.  I was safe, I was at home.  I feel for young people of today there is no escape being online is one of the most important aspects of young person life and no matter what us adults say this is their way of communicating.  We need to support and educate young people in blocking and talking to someone.  I am so please that we are working with Kidscape, one of the longest establish Anti Bullying Charities in the UK.  It means we can both reach as many children as possible and help support families that might be experiencing being bullied.

I am incredible passionate about what I do and broadening conversations around online safety and protecting young children online.

If Gooseberry Planet can save one child from being bullied, groomed or sexually exploited, then it has achieved my goal