Teach Primary Award


We are so pleased to say that we won an award for the best primary resource in wellbeing at the Teach Primary Awards

The judges thoughts:

This is an excellent resource which addresses contemporary issues in relation to online safety. 

  • Suitability – the resources is very suitable for the intended age group. 
  • Originality – the use scenario-based learning is highly original. Using game-based learning, Gooseberry Planet is unique. It offers a highly innovative approach to teaching e-Safety.  Pupils face real-life online scenarios to which they must respond, whilst simultaneously collecting stars and competing with their classmates. This is extremely motivating for children. 
  • Impact – the resource aims to educate children about online safety and the associated risks. 
  • Durability – the resource is an online resource so is durable. 
  • Accessibility – the resource is accessible. 
  • Value for money – the resource provides an excellent range of resources for teachers and tracking facilities for students.
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