Parenting your Children is the 24 hour battle – Keeping Children Safe

Parenting your children is something that takes skill and grace. It is sometimes a struggle when they want to resist you and your expectations of them. This is made even harder for some parents in the area of digital parenting.
When asked to set rules for their children and monitor those rules in the online realm, some parents feel helpless. However, there are a few things you can do to keep your children safe.
1. Have A Frank Conversation With Them
It all starts with talking. Many parents believe that the things that they say go in one ear and out the other with their children, but this is really not true. Your child does hear and understand what you are saying. If they choose to listen to you or not largely has to do with what enforcement tactics you use to make them obey.
2. Block Certain Websites

On your computers at home, you have the option to block certain websites from your children’s use. Make sure that you set the password to unlock said sites to something that they will not easily figure out. You will want to block any websites that you do not want them to see. This could include websites with adult content, chat rooms, and social media sites just to name a few.

3. Real World Rules Apply
Teaching your child that real world rules apply to the online world for them is an important part of keeping them safe. If they would not talk to a stranger in the real world, then why should they do so online? You have to show them that there are true dangers in the online world as much as there are in the real world. Making it real for them like this shows them that this is serious and that they should follow the rules.
It is a 24-hour battle with your children to make them mind the rules you have set for them in the online world. Do not be afraid to have that battle though. It could protect your child from danger.

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