Under 5's checklist

Under 5’s checklist
START setting some boundaries now – it’s never too early to do things like set limits for the amount of time they can spend on the computer
KEEP devices like your mobile out of reach and make sure you have passwords/PINs set upon them for the times you might lend them to your child… Or for when they simply get hold of them themselves!
CHECK the age ratings and descriptions on apps, games, online TV and films before downloading them and allowing your son or daughter to play with or watch them
EXPLAIN your technology rules to grandparents, babysitters and the parents of your child’s friends so that they also stick to them when they’re looking after your child
REMEMBER that public Wi-Fi (e.g. In cafés) might not have Parental Controls on it – so, if you hand over your iPad to your child while you’re having a coffee, they might be able to access more than you bargained for
SET the homepage on your family computer or tablet to an appropriate website like Cbeebies

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