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Gooseberry Games: Online Safety

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What is game-based learning and how can you use it to make your lessons more engaging and effective? Give your teachers the tools they need.

Gooseberry Guru: Online Safety

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We all have a role to play in making the internet a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!

Gooseberry CPD: Online Safety CPD

Gooseberry CPD

Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Gooseberry CPD is an online, safeguarding training programme.

Keep Your Children Safe Online

An award winning internet safety product for Parents, Students and Teachers

Did you know? According to The Social Age Study, approximately 59% of children have already used a social networking site by the age of 10, with 52% of 8-16 year olds admitting that they ignore Facebook’s age restrictions.

Gooseberry Planet is a fun online safety game for children with a very important mission: to help young children to understand the risks of being online, whether that’s engaging with social media, dealing with bullying, or processing distressing material that they may find exploring the internet.

“I just couldn’t find the kind of online safety resource I was looking for to help my children to understand how to stay safe online. So there was only one solution – create one!” – Stella James, Founder

The Gooseberry Planet online safety resource is made up of three specific parts:

Gooseberry School is a game platform that allows students to navigate through a world of experiences and situations that they need to respond to.

Gooseberry Teacher is the monitoring platform for the game, allowing the teacher to see how their pupils are responding and see whether any intervention is required.

Gooseberry Parent is an online safety resource available for free for parents of children in Gooseberry Planet schools, providing tips and advice to help guide parents in keeping their kids safe.

Gooseberry Planet is a flexible 12-week programme that guides primary school children through a variety of levels, keeping teachers and parents updated with the latest online trends, with weekly alerts, lesson plans and practical tips. With over 50 games and 100 workbooks and lesson plans, Gooseberry Planet has all you need to teach online safety in your school. After all, we all have a role to play in making the internet a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!

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Still Not Convinced?

Teaching kids how to be safe online with lots of fun thrown in. Gooseberry Planet: A berry big adventure

A fun game app with a very important message…plus a free parallel app for parents “I just couldn’t find the kind of tool I was looking for to help my children understand how to stay safe online. So there was only one solution…create one.” Stella James, founder of Gooseberry Planet.

This is an issue most parents worry about – and I was one of them.

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