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What is game-based learning and how can you use it to make your lessons more engaging and effective? Give your teachers the tools they need.

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We all have a role to play in making the internet a safe and enjoyable place for everyone!

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Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Gooseberry CPD is an online, safeguarding training programme.

Keep Your Children Safe Online

According to The Social Age Study by
approximately 59% of children have already used a social network by the time they are 10. Facebook has most users under the age of 13. 52% of 8-16 years olds admit they ignore Facebook’s age restriction.

– Stella’s Story

A few years ago, all I had to do to keep my children safe online was to put the computer in the hall way, or the living room and just walk by every now and again and check to see what they were up to. Now children have so much at their fingertips, with tablets and smart phones giving them full internet access from the privacy of their bedrooms, or outside our homes and schools.

So my biggest challenge was how do I protect my own children?

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Facts & Figures

Online Safety is an issue most parents worry about – and I was one of them. Here’s some of the research about online safety for children that you might find interesting and useful:

  • 60% said they had been asked for a sexual image or video of themselves
  • 40% said they had created an image or video of themselves
  • 25% said they had sent an image or video of themselves to someone else
  • 23% of 11 and 12 year olds with a social networking profile have been upset
  • 8% of these felt upset or scared for weeks or months after the incident occurred
  • 20% experienced something that upset them every day or almost every day
  • 62% of these experiences were caused by strangers or people they only knew online

What others say about us


Far more interesting than people coming in and having talks with us

LaurenGooseberry Student
Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor School

Gooseberry planet supports Ash Manor School students, staff and parents in educating us all about being safe online.

Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor SchoolGooseberry Teacher

More interesting sitting down and talking to kids through game-based learning and having them taught about online safety at the same time.

MathewGooseberry Parent
Stella James - Founder Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry School teaches online safety in a unique way, joining, teacher, student and parent together. The child learns through game-based learning, the teacher has a complete tool kit with monitoring system and the parent can view their child’s performance.

Stella James - Founder Gooseberry PlanetGooseberry Team

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Still Not Convinced?

Teaching kids how to be safe online with lots of fun thrown in. Gooseberry Planet: A berry big adventure

A fun game app with a very important message…plus a free parallel app for parents “I just couldn’t find the kind of tool I was looking for to help my children understand how to stay safe online. So there was only one solution…create one.” Stella James, founder of Gooseberry Planet.

This is an issue most parents worry about – and I was one of them.