Gooseberry Planet is an award-winning software platform, which uses game-based learning and a wealth of ready-made lesson resources to empower teachers to deliver online safety education to 5-13 year olds.  It is available in both web-based and app-based formats and has five different age levels with 12 lessons in each.  A rapid fire quiz at the beginning and end of each level highlights areas where children may lack knowledge, alerting teachers to topics within the resources where their attention should be concentrated and providing evidence of learning over the course.  Each scenario-based lesson is accompanied by a digital workbook, online game and parent advice.     

Gooseberry Play consists of three portals that work alongside each other:

Gooseberry Teacher

Gooseberry Teacher works with Gooseberry Student, allowing the teacher to monitor the class results. The key is highlighting who is potentially vulnerable. The Gooseberry Teacher platform is full of resources, including lesson plans, slide decks and background information. A teacher app provides access to the digital workbooks which can be displayed on interactive whiteboards.

Mapped to

UKCIS Connected World framework

Computing Curriculum

RSE & Health Curriculum

Gooseberry Student

Gooseberry Student acts as an assessment tool and allows students to complete the workbooks, play our engaging game and learn through consequence. Results are automatically marked and displayed in detailed graphs both as a class and individually. Lessons encourage conversations with teachers, classmates and parents.

Gooseberry Parent

Gooseberry Parent is a handy app which is designed to encourage conversations between children and their parents or carers. It allows parents to see how their child is responding within the games and to read advice about each scenario.

Download the Gooseberry Parent app

Gooseberry Parent works alongside Gooseberry Student and allows the parent to see how their child is responding within the games.
The app is free to download for all parents/carers during the term of their school’s licence.

Free of Charge

Gooseberry Parent is free to use if your child's school is part of the Gooseberry School programme.

Keep in the Loop

Read advice about each lesson as your child completes it, to help you have an informed conversation with them.

Covers Important Topics

Gooseberry Planet deals with social networking, grooming, online bullying and much more.

Learning is Fun

Children love playing games and Gooseberry Planet is a fun way to present internet safety situations to them.

Unique Learning Experience

Features interactive, digital quizzes, workbooks and games that progressively build new skills and strategies.

A Comprehensive E-Safety Toolkit

Ready-made, scenario-based lesson plans accompanied by slide decks, background information, automatic marking and in-depth results.

Demonstrates a Whole School Approach

Parent advice linked to each lesson helps to demonstrate your school’s integrated approach to e-safety to Ofsted, governors and parents.

Stay Up-to-Date

Regular alerts, newsletters and updated content help you to stay at the forefront of e-safety developments.

Embed Learning with an Ongoing Course

Ensure that learning is embedded by delivering regular lessons throughout the year.

Comprehensive Results

Identify vulnerabilities and prove compliance with statutory obligations with detailed online results for each child.
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