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In this digital age, where children have devices at their fingertips from a young age and often use them unsupervised, developing the knowledge and skills to stay safe online is an essential life skill. Education needs to start young and to be delivered regularly throughout their schooling to help them develop the digital resilience needed to cope with online risks and challenges.

Schools and parents both have responsibilities to teach children about online safety but many are not confident about doing so. With new apps, games and social media sites evolving at a rapid rate, it can be challenging to keep up with emerging risks.

Gooseberry Planet offers FREE alerts to all UK schools.

Gooseberry Alerts are published every month and contain practical e-safety tips and information for you to share amongst your school community. We keep on top of the latest e-safety research, trending apps and online risks to enable you to be informed and prepared.   It only takes a minute to register.


Free of Charge

Gooseberry Alerts are free of charge for all UK schools. They are sent monthly and cover a range of e-safety topics.

Stay Up to Date

We focus on what is happening in the online space, to help keep online issues topical and relevant.

Start a Conversation

Alerts help parents and teachers understand current and emerging risks and to initiate conversations with their children.

Unique Learning Experience

Features interactive, digital quizzes, workbooks and games that progressively build new skills and strategies.

A Comprehensive E-Safety Toolkit

Ready-made, scenario-based lesson plans accompanied by slide decks, background information, automatic marking and in-depth results.

Demonstrates a Whole School Approach

Parent advice linked to each lesson helps to demonstrate your school’s integrated approach to e-safety to Ofsted, governors and parents.

Stay Up-to-Date

Regular alerts, newsletters and updated content help you to stay at the forefront of e-safety developments.

Embed Learning with an Ongoing Course

Ensure that learning is embedded by delivering regular lessons throughout the year.

Comprehensive Results

Identify vulnerabilities and prove compliance with statutory obligations with detailed online results for each child.
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