Gooseberry Planet is an award-winning software platform, which is designed to educate children, teachers and parents about the dangers online through game-based learning. In other words, we offer a fully interactive and engaging game platform from which children can learn to use the internet responsibly and safely. The software is intended to be used both in schools and at home: it offers a child-centered and coordinated approach to safeguarding and is totally unique as it also offers an assessment and monitoring system for both teachers and parents. 

We offer a complete solution for the whole school community, ensuring that every child is taught for a minimum of 12 lessons over 12 week period or 12 months (1 hour per lesson) in each and every year of their primary school education! The programme is completely flexible and you decide when to teach in your school.

Gooseberry Teacher

Gooseberry Teacher works with Gooseberry Student; this allows the teacher to monitor the class whilst playing. The software will show if a student isn’t responding in the correct manner. The key is highlighting who is potentially vulnerable. The Gooseberry Teacher platform is also full of resources, including workbooks, teacher plans, handouts and much more.

Teacher Resource Area

The resource area is full of ready to print lesson plans and workbooks which will help your teachers save precious time when designing online safety lessons. In total there are over 170 documents which support Gooseberry Student. Included are documents that can be sent home to parents to help them understand Gooseberry Planet.

Mapped to

The UK Council for Child Internet Safety

PSHE Curriculum

ICT Curriculum

RSE Statutory Requirement

Unique Learning Experience

Features over 50 interactive, gamified digital activities that progressively build new skills and strategies.

A Comprehensive E-Safety Toolkit

Everything needed to teach e-safety in one place, with interactive online activities supported by teacher notes and student workbooks.

Demonstrates a Whole School Approach

Demonstrate your school’s integrated approach to e-safety to Ofsted, governors and parents.

Stay Up-to-Date

Stay at the forefront of e-safety and ensure you know everything you need to know to teach your students.

Embed Learning with an Ongoing Course

Ensure that learning is embedded with a flexible 12-week programme for every student.

Provide All Teachers with the Ability to Teach E-Safety

Equip all teachers with engaging resources and the knowledge they need to answer those tricky questions.
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