Instagram Harms, Roblox “Strip Clubs”, Snapchat Safety & More

Leaked research reveals Facebook’s awareness of potential harm to teens using Instagram, children’s gaming platform targeted by users who encourage sexualised behaviour, a step forward in Snapchat safety and a warning about vaccine fraud are highlighted in our newsletter this week.

Unwritten Rules

Technology has changed all of our lives, but the law often lags behind. This month sees the coming into effect of the new Age-Appropriate Design Code to protect children’s data.


Age Appropriate Design Code

There have been welcome steps forward in children’s online safety this month with the coming into force of the Age-Appropriate Design Code.


Growth in Grooming, Screen Time Statistics, App Risks & More

Online grooming crimes continue to increase, lockdown led to increased screen time for children and adults, Apple App store protections for children put in doubt and we welcome the implementation of the ICO’s Children’s Code this week.


Sexual Consent by App, iOS Scans for Child Abuse Imagery & More

This week we report on the potential for sexual consent by app, the introduction of scans of iOS devices to detect child abuse images, calls for a ban on “nudifying” software and concerns about a new disappearing messages feature on WhatsApp.


Preventing a Summer of Abuse, Limiting Ads to Teens & More

IWF warning of online sexual abuse of teens, changes to protect teens from inappropriate social media advertising, more scrutiny of the Online Safety Bill and an online travel rip-off are all in our newsletter this week.


Online Risk By Design, New VAWG Strategy & More

New research into how design choices in digital platforms put children at risk and a new government strategy to address violence against women and girls, including online, are reported on in our newsletter this week alongside proposed protections for online shoppers.

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