Keeping Children Safe Online
Gooseberry Family Learning Online Safety Through Game based Learning
Closing the Digital Divide
Learning Through Game based Technology

What others say about us


Far more interesting than people coming in and having talks with us

LaurenGooseberry Student
Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor School

Gooseberry planet supports Ash Manor School students, staff and parents in educating us all about being safe online.

Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor SchoolGooseberry Teacher

More interesting sitting down and talking to kids through game-based learning and having them taught about online safety at the same time.

MathewGooseberry Parent
Stella James - Founder Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry School teaches online safety in a unique way, joining, teacher, student and parent together. The child learns through game-based learning, the teacher has a complete tool kit with monitoring system and the parent can view their child’s performance.

Stella James - Founder Gooseberry PlanetGooseberry Team