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The British School of Marbella, Spain “We are only in the early stages of using this platform but have already seen a big impact across the school community. The children are engaged by the gamification and are having much more informed discussions regarding e-safety. The parent body has welcomed the practical information, as well as the rise in profile for this ever-changing topic, and staff have appreciated the wealth of resources, which are constantly updated”.

Warwick Academy, Bermuda “The kids are loving Gooseberry Planet. The worksheets spar on great discussion topics and help us explore the topic further. They also enjoy playing the games and finding all the gems and family members. I think this is an amazing program that dives into the important topics of online safety in a child-friendly way.”

Lancing Prep, Hove “The game has definitely made the children more aware of what can and cannot be removed from the internet. The biggest news to children was the one about selfies! We have also looked at location settings and many have gone home and changed this on their phones etc. Some pupils are still accepting ‘friends’ from friends and we have had many discussions about this, what is and isn’t ok. I think that the children are certainly more aware about talking to people online.”

High March School, Bucks “I taught my first lesson of Gooseberry Planet today with Year 5 and they loved it!”

David Winfield, Independent Schools Portal “I’ve looked through the website and video – and I have to say that Gooseberry Planet looks absolutely superb; I love the way that such important subject matter has been gamified, really powerful, and I can see that the children will be very engaged. The parental element also looks excellent – in my experience, this is an area that many parents are chronically short of confidence in supporting their children with. Good stuff!”

Colin McIntosh, Primary Head Teacher’s Association – Bracknell “Whilst Gooseberry Planet is one of the most valuable apps on the education curriculum market today, it’s vital to understand the breadth of it. It is simple to use and learn about the security it provides.”

Corrienne Archibald, Rossmar School I’ve had my first feedback today, so I thought I’d pass it on. It was from an SLD child’s teacher: “He loved playing the game and was able to get the characters to jump and move along – meanwhile the staff couldn’t figure it out! Ha-h! He was shouting ‘put picture online, Facebook’ showing an awareness of social media but not the dangers. This gave the teacher a great opportunity to speak about the dangers. It would be great if there was an option of the questions being read aloud.”

Jo Luhman, Ash Manor School “We just wanted to share with you our recent Ofsted report as it makes specific reference to E-safety. The Ofsted inspectors were very impressed with the way in which the students could speak about Esafety and this is down to the work that you have done with the students, staff and parents – thank you so much.”

Neels Grobbelaar, Kingsweston School “Gooseberry Planet is a great resource to use in class. The pupils enjoy learning by playing the game. All the resources are easily available and save time when planning lessons or e-safety workshops.”

Tom Dimmock, Broughton Manor Preparatory School “Very good, easy to use and child friendly!”

Jenny Condron, British International School, Freetown “I feel it is a great programme and it really teaches about the dangers out there on the internet. With more and more children spending time online, this is a great programme that can be used to raise awareness and with the support of parents, children will be protected from dangers that may arise as well as teaching them about protecting themselves from online scams, threats and other issues that could affect their identity.”


Far more interesting than people coming in and having talks with us

LaurenGooseberry Student
Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor School

Gooseberry planet supports Ash Manor School students, staff and parents in educating us all about being safe online.

Jo Luhman - Deputy Head, Ash Manor SchoolGooseberry Teacher

More interesting sitting down and talking to kids through game-based learning and having them taught about online safety at the same time.

MathewGooseberry Parent
Stella James - Founder Gooseberry Planet

Gooseberry School teaches online safety in a unique way, joining, teacher, student and parent together. The child learns through game-based learning, the teacher has a complete tool kit with monitoring system and the parent can view their child’s performance.

Stella James - Founder Gooseberry PlanetGooseberry Team
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