Dollar Academy Junior School

The Dollar Academy Junior School is one of Scotland’s leading independent schools.

The challenges around the online safety area

The ever-changing issues meant that it was increasingly difficult to keep up to date with ‘fads’ apps and general digital usage. Our children are particularly switched on when it comes to devices and social media however, they still have a difficult time understanding the impact.

Why Gooseberry Planet?

It gave us a clear way forward with structured lessons and activities that as a school we could follow. It also provided enough scope for us to really tackle sensitive issues with children and keep pour parents informed.

The Benefits

Time can be spent on the teaching of the areas instead of trying to find resources and lessons making it a much more valuable experience for our children. Teachers are kept up to date with changes and the pressure is taken away from them to find suitable resources as well as keep up to date. It also allows us to keep in touch with parents through the parent handouts which has been a very positive experience.

The Impact

We have had a lot of positive feedback from parents and children about the topics that we have covered this half term. Parents feel that they know what their children are learning and can learn with them – having interesting discussions at home. The children are being given a valuable learning toolkit of knowledge and skills to help them use technology and online safely.

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