Screen Time

The use of mobile technology such as tablets, laptops and phones to watch programmes means that more children are watching alone.

Youth Produced Sexual Imagery

Knowing the law might help to combat sexual exploitation by encouraging a child think twice before sharing a photo.

Online Relationships

The ability to connect brings many advantages including providing forums where young people can find emotional support and advice.

Internet of Things

Devices in our homes are collecting data on us all the time and it is not always obvious how the data will be used.

Online Bullying

Children and adults are exposed to examples of disrespectful, if not bullying, behaviour regularly: in the street, playground, workplace, social media and news.

Using Social Media

Getting students to talk about their experiences, will also help you to understand how social media impacts their lives.

Passwords & Passcodes

Passwords are your first line of defence so make sure you don’t use the same password for multiple accounts and keep them strong and secure.

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