Anti-Bullying Week

The theme of Anti-Bullying week (16-20 November) this year is ‘United Against Bullying’. This encourages us to work together and all do our part to build a better, kinder world.

Loot Boxes

In-game purchases are common in many online games and, in the case of loot boxes, players are encouraged to spend money (either real or virtual) on random items.

Digital Wellbeing

Low mental wellbeing over a period of time can lead to an increased likelihood of developing a mental health problem.

Online Friendships

Video chat can make our online interactions almost as good as meeting in person. However, there can be disadvantages.

Online Gaming

Online gaming, especially when schools are closed, gives an opportunity to socialise with school friends, avoid boredom and generally have fun.

Digital Footprint

A digital footprint consists of all our traceable online activitysuch as texts, comments, photos and videos posted and shared.

Corona Advice for Teachers

With most schools embracing E-Learning to continue supporting their children’s education, it’s time to think about this issue.

Corona Advice for Parents

Schools are closing but schools’ safeguarding responsibilities will continue during home schooling and your school policy may not cover the use of home networks.

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