Online Gaming

Many school lessons are being delivered online, new online resources have been developed and many educational technology companies, including Gooseberry Planet are offering free access to their platforms during the crisis.


Digital Footprint

With school closures and home working, both adults and children are spending more time online, so it is more important than ever that we think about good digital citizenship and how to protect our Digital Footprints.


Personal Information

Our data is the stock in trade of fraudsters, and they are adept at tricking or tempting us into revealing it. They have no care for those they defraud, shown by the proliferation of scams relating to the corona virus.


Screen Time

We all know how difficult it is to manage our children and the arguments that it causes. Under the current circumstances our children will be using their computers and laptops for all their learning.



Photo sharing online has become a regular occurrence for most of us. We do not think twice about taking a photo of ourselves or our children and posting it online.


Unrealistic Images of a Perfect Life

The internet has changed our relationships and technology is moving forward at a phenomenal rate and most of us are running behind trying to keep up.

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