Gooseberry Guru


Gooseberry Guru is an online resource focusing on social media and online safety issues in English. It is sold on an annual licence and made available to a nominated member of school staff. It includes termly teacher and parent webinar workshops, 11 monthly videos and a wide range of other resources, including advice sheets on popular apps, games and social media sites. Gurus can use the slide presentations and text of the termly webinars and adapt them for personal delivery or to suit their own school needs.

We only sell to schools and do not sell to members of the public unless we have explicitly agreed to do so. Orders placed by individuals or organisations where we are unable to confirm your status as a recognised educational institution, will not be accepted and any payment made will be refunded.

£599 for one Guru. £299 for each additional Guru.


  • PCs and Laptops – Windows 7 and above – Browsers should be Google Chrome or Firefox. (Do not use Internet Explorer or Edge)
  • Chromebooks – Google Chrome
  • Macs – Google Chrome or Firefox browsers only
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