Simon Hunt

Simon Hunt is a freelance journalist based in London. He was previously a reporter at Bloomberg News.


Rise In Child Abuse, Youtube Disinformation, Metaverse Risk & More

A record amount of child sexual abuse material is recorded in 2021, YouTube is accused of being a major source of disinformation, VR Metaverse is found to place youngsters at risk and Twitch reports on its response to hate raids on its platform.


Revenge Porn Prevention, Call for Facebook Investigation & More

A new tool is launched in the fight against revenge porn, NSPCC calls for emergency powers to investigate Facebook encryption plans, increased responsibility sought for online platforms selling dangerous goods and new Twitch tool to identify ban evaders.


Encryption Delayed, Shopping Scams, Smart Device Protection & More

Meta responds to concerns about detecting child abuse by delaying introduction of end-to-end encryption, warnings of shopping and lottery scams and government plans new law to protect consumers and increase security on Internet of Things.

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