Sue Arbuthnot

Sue has been a director of Gooseberry Planet since 2016 and is passionate about keeping children safe online. She was formerly a solicitor and trustee of a charity supporting children’s causes.


Xmas Blog

It has been a tough year for everyone in the education sector and we wish you all a safe, healthy and happy festive season.

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Online Bullying

The theme of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week is “One Kind Word”.  Kindness, be it in thoughts, words or actions, is an incredibly important quality to foster in a world where we seem to be surrounded by reports of intolerance, division and lack of respect, both on and offline.

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The recent Netflix series, Squid features gore and violence, as well as sex scenes, self-harm, suicide and bad language and is not suitable for young children. The survival drama features contestants who play children’s playground games with a deadly twist – if they don’t succeed, they are killed.


Unwritten Rules

Technology has changed all of our lives, but the law often lags behind. This month sees the coming into effect of the new Age-Appropriate Design Code to protect children’s data.

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Piracy & Malware

Malware called Crackonosh, hidden inside pirated copies of games secretly generates crypto currency for hackers. According to, gamers all around the world have been affected.

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You may have been following the recent harrowing reports from the Manchester Arena Inquiry which have highlighted the importance of vigilance from all of us to the risk of terrorism.

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