Checklist for 13 years +

Checklist for 13 years +
DON’T think it’s too late to reinforce boundaries or teach your child anything about technology – they might think they have the know-how but they still need your wisdom and guidance
TALK to them about how they might be exploring issues related to their health, wellbeing and body image online – they might come across inaccurate or dangerous information on the Web at a vulnerable time
Discuss how they behave towards others and what they post online and don’t shy away from difficult conversations about things like pornography and other risky behaviors, such as sexting
GIVE your son or daughter control of their own budget for things like apps and music, but make sure you have agreed boundaries so that they manage their money responsibly
DISCUSS things like downloading and plagiarism so that they understand what’s legal and what’s not
ADJUST the settings on Parental Controls in line with your son or daughter’s age and maturity – if they ask you to turn them off completely, think carefully before you do and agree in advance what is acceptable online behavior

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