Covid-19 and Online Safety

Read the latest research on children’s wellbeing as a result of Covid-19 and other news addressing online safety, education and more…



Ofsted has published a briefing note about Covid-19 based on 121 pilot visits to schools.  It looks at, amongst other things, how children were affected by school closures and how their physical, social and emotional health had been affected. Read more here.

Dept for Education: State of the nation 2020: children and young people’s wellbeing Research report, October 2020 gives a detailed analysis of how the Covid-19 pandemic affected the wellbeing of children and young people over the period of March to August 2020. Read more here.


A new law in France will increase the protection for child influencers who earn money from online activities.  It aims to regulate their working hours to give the same protections as child models and actors and will require that their earnings are held in a bank account until they are 16. Read more here.


Facebook has banned QAnon accounts from its platforms and begun proactively removing content seen as a risk to public safety.  QAnon spreads conspiracy theories about political candidates and child trafficking rings. Read more here.


Latest Scams

HM Courts & Tribunals Service have become aware of phishing scams in their name advising that a penalty charge notice has been issued and failure to pay will result in court proceedings.  This link contains advice on how to test the authenticity of a document or email. Read more here.

Fraudulent calls alert from Attorney General’s Office.  The AGO or HMRC numbers are being “spoofed” – used by criminals to defraud the public.  They demand money to either drop criminal charges or pay outstanding tax.  Read this link for advice on what to do if you are targeted. Read more here.

Charity Fraud Awareness week 19-23 October – The campaign, is run by the Charity Commission and Fraud Advisory Panel and provides free resources to help with fraud awareness. Read more here.

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