Latest Newsletter – March 2018

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A welcome message from Stella

Stella-ImageI would like begin this issue of Gooseberry   News with an apology!  We know that we have   been sending quite a few emails lately and  in future we plan to send less emails.
There is so much going on in the world of   Online Safety and in the news, about the risks   we all face online.  We want to make  sure you have a round up of the most   important and up to date information.
We only have to listen to the news to   find out how Facebook is using our data.  It   still amazes me how people unknowingly choose to give away their personal information to companies.  As users we are making them a fortune with our most precious information.  Some say the easiest solution would be to shut down your online profiles and get on with ‘real-life’, but the reality is, that is unlikely to happen.  Once you have shared your personal information online it’s a bit too late!
In one of my live webinars I talked about changing and managing privacy settings and how we should be teaching children exactly what they are signing up for.  As a teacher, how up to date is your knowledge when it comes to teaching your children about managing their online privacy?   71% of teachers have a Facebook account and it is likely that there is a high percentage that are sharing personal information without realising it.  We just need to look for it.  Our own behaviour can make us more vulnerable online and our accounts easier to hack.  Entering competitions on Facebook and sharing details like our DOB, our cat’s name, our favourite colour, can help those with the intent and ability to build up a picture of who we are.  Some of the basic information we share online can allow others to complete the jigsaw and discover our online passwords and access our private accounts.
It is time for us all to wake up and start protecting ourselves and each other online.
CEO Gooseberry Planet
Gooseberry Planet Feedback Corner 
“We are only in the early stages of using this platform, but have already seen a big impact across the school community. The children are engaged by the gamification and are having much more informed discussions regarding e-safety. 
The parent body has welcomed the practical information, as well as the rise in profile for this ever-changing topic, and staff have appreciated the wealth of resources, which are constantly updated”. (Brendan Herron, The British School of Marbella)

Gooseberry Alerts

This month’s Gooseberry Alert focusses on ‘Screen Time’ and questions ‘What’s your limit?’ A great topic to share with ypicture2.pngour parents.  If you haven’t registered for this service already please do.  It is free of charge just click here

Online Safety – Parent Webinar We recently ran a free Online Safety – Parent webinar.  It was a huge success and we had parents from all over the world attending online.
“Thanks so much for the safety seminar this evening – there were many interesting points made (simple yet effective measures to make our kids safer online) but my greatest take-away from the session is awareness. That rather than to simply ban apps, games or websites, talking to your kids and walking through games and content with them is the key. Kids can then be highlighted to possible dangers which you as a parent might well not have aware of beforehand. Planning to sit down and walk through every app with my son at the weekend! Next time I would really appreciate more tips on website content and restrictions. Keep up the excellent work!”

We will be doing the webinars on a regular basis so why not stay in touch for more details and see what else we offer other via our Facebook Page or have a look around our website?
Why not enquire about a Parent Workshop too?
We know how hard it is to keep up to date with the latest online trends and as teachers you just don’t have time to do the research.  We also know that you are often called upon to address the problems as a result of issues online.
Our sessions will provide you with the opportunity to reflect upon and question your own knowledge and give you the help and advice you need when talking to Parents and Students.
It is free of charge just sign up here
Stay in touch with any events we might be holding follow this link

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