Calls for tougher measures to prevent violence against women and girls

Five years in the making, the Online Safety Bill is a landmark piece of law that has the power to transform the digital world by establishing a new regulatory framework to tackle online harm.
Yet shockingly, there is no specific mention in its 260 pages of women or girls, despite them being disproportionately affected by online abuse. So campaigners are calling for a code of practice to be added to the bill to tackle violence against this group.

WhatsApp and other messaging apps unite against Online Safety Bill

The Online Safety Bill – landmark legislation that aims to rewrite the rules for policing the internet – heads into the final stages next month. But the controversy rumbles on, and WhatsApp, Signal and other encrypted messaging services have signed an open letter opposing it. It’s proving tricky finalising the law to balance taking action on harmful content and protecting privacy.

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