Piracy & Malware

Malware called Crackonosh, hidden inside pirated copies of games secretly generates crypto currency for hackers. According to Avast.com, gamers all around the world have been affected.


Gaming Malware, Ofsted Update, Underage TikTok Accounts, & More

We report on malware in pirated games, Ofsted’s new assessment of how schools tackle sexual abuse and harassment, the risk of defamatory tweets, DCMS guidance for protecting children online, and calls for evidence on school behaviour and Prevent.



You may have been following the recent harrowing reports from the Manchester Arena Inquiry which have highlighted the importance of vigilance from all of us to the risk of terrorism.

Pause & Think

27 year old England bowler Ollie Robinson has apologised for racist and sexist tweets made by him when he was aged 18 and 19.

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