Essential onine check list

Essential onine check list
THINK about how you guide your family in the real world and do the same in the digital world – don’t be afraid to set boundaries and rules for your child from a young age
HAVE a go at some of the technologies your son or daughter enjoys – play on the Wii together or ask them to help set you up on Facebook if you’re not already a member
TALK to your friends, family and other parents about how they help their children manage their digital world – you might pick up some interesting tips
MAKE the most of tools like Parental Controls on computers, mobiles and games consoles, privacy features on social networking sites, and safety options on Google and other search engines
TRY not to use technology as a babysitter too often – we all do it sometimes, but it’s important to know what your child is doing
MAKE digital issues part of everyday conversation – show your child that you understand how important technology is to them and talk about all its amazing benefits, but don’t shy away from difficult subjects like responsible online behavior, bullying and pornography

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