Top Tips for Parents – Internet of Things

  1. Screen time, agree how long and how often new devices can be used over the holiday period before starting to use new gifts. 
  2. Netiquette, be kind and stand up to bad behaviour
  3. Check privacy settings and app permissions on any new devices and deny access to any unnecessary data.
  4. Be wary of the cost of In app purchases
  5. Check Pegi rating and
  6. read reviews from reputable sites
  7. Be careful with how much data any of these new streamed games use, as you could end up with significantly higher bills.
  8. Start with your router and device passwords.  These are your front door so make sure you secure them. Change the password to a strong, hard to guess password.
  9. Create a network or login for guests, you can do this via your router. Login in where you pay the bill or view the bill. 
  10. Read the privacy policies for new smart toys to check what data will be collected, what it will be used for, how it will be secured and who it will be shared with.
  11. I deleted this as it is covered in 3 above
  12. Regularly check for and implement updates for IoT devices.  You may need to check the manufacturer’s website from time to time to be aware of updates.
  13. Enable Two-Factor Authentication where available.
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