Stella James

Stella James, the driving force behind Gooseberry Planet, set about developing the engaging app designed to help children to learn online safety through game-based learning.


Screen Time

We all know how difficult it is to manage our children and the arguments that it causes. Under the current circumstances our children will be using their computers and laptops for all their learning.

Screen Time

The use of mobile technology such as tablets, laptops and phones to watch programmes means that more children are watching alone.

Online Relationships

The ability to connect brings many advantages including providing forums where young people can find emotional support and advice.



Photo sharing online has become a regular occurrence for most of us. We do not think twice about taking a photo of ourselves or our children and posting it online.


Unrealistic Images of a Perfect Life

The internet has changed our relationships and technology is moving forward at a phenomenal rate and most of us are running behind trying to keep up.

Internet of Things

Devices in our homes are collecting data on us all the time and it is not always obvious how the data will be used.

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